Evaluations for Brosnan Managers, 3rd Yr

Evaluations are a part of management that many avoid, either because they don’t know how to evaluate their market, subordinates, and themselves, they don’t have the tools needed, or they simply don’t understand why they need to do evaluations. We’ll look at SWOT/TOWS analysis and evaluations for your market. We will also look at evaluating personnel, including ourselves. This is done so that we will recognize strengths to emphasize and weaknesses to work on. We will look at such things as the Balanced Scorecard for evaluating our performance. And we will examine the who, how often, where, and other factors of successful evaluations. A form is included that covers evaluation of all these aspects for your use.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 60 minutes

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructors

Pete Harder Pete Harder Author

Pete earned his MBA in 2010 from Corban University of Salem, OR. He completed both the For-Profit Management and the Human Resources Management emphases during his studies. His B.S. in Business focused on Business Administration and Communications.

Nanette Harder Nanette Harder Author

Nanette earned her Master’s Degree in Public Health in 2017 from Capella University with emphasis on Social and Behavioral Sciences. She also earned Capella University certificates in Health Administration and Healthcare Informatics. Nanette earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Eastern Washington University incorporating her prior learning as a medical technology major and other civilian and military schools. Her experience includes working in retail, laboratory, clinical, hospital, and university settings. Her military experience in laboratories, telecommunications, and office administration additionally add an authoritative tone to her writings on leadership and management, as do her certificates from the military in Basic and Advanced Leadership

Brosnan 3rd Yr Officer/Manager Training