Understanding Financial Statements, 3rd Yr

Financial statements are a common tool for measuring how a business is doing. It can also be used for a person’s own financial state. Although these lessons come nowhere near teaching you to be a CPA or CMA, they will give you a basic understanding of what financial statements are for, and how to make some sense of where the data come from. Hopefully, you will get a basic foundation of information on which you can build the skills to grasp and utilize the financial tools that Brosnan will be providing/requiring. And perhaps you will even understand why they are important to you personally!

Course Information

Estimated Time: 45 minutes

Difficulty: Advanced

Course Instructor

Pete Harder Pete Harder Author

Pete earned his MBA in 2010 from Corban University of Salem, OR. He completed both the For-Profit Management and the Human Resources Management emphases during his studies. His B.S. in Business focused on Business Administration and Communications.

Brosnan 3rd Yr Officer/Manager Training